Benefits Of Rail On The Environment

I think it’s safe to say that railway transport is by far one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to travel around the world. Studies show that the greenhouse effect of gas emissions per kilometer on railway transport is 80% less than cars.  Additionally, in some countries, less than 3% of their transport gas emissions comes from trains. These statistics alone are a great indicator to show how beneficial using trains can be for the environment over any other type of transport other than walking or biking…Obviously. 

As we move on let’s talk about the efficiency of using trains and how it can have a better impact on the environment. This is because a train line can move 50,000 people per hour, which is tremendous when compared to a dual carriageway only being able to move 2,500 people every hour. To break this down further, if you wanted to transport 1000 people, it would take only one train (8 carriages) to do so, however with a bus it would take up to 15, and anywhere from 250 to 1000 cars. As you can see from these contrasting numbers, using a train is the most efficient method of transport when compared to the other ones we discussed. This is because only ONE train is needed to compensate for 1000 car passengers! In addition, if more people chose to use railway transport over any other method, it would significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as there are less vehicles on the road to cause pollution. As well as this, rail transport is also one of the safest methods of transport to use. A study shows that travelling by rail is seven times safer than using a car on the road. This is because there are little to no unexpected vehicles coming your way, making you lose control of the wheel, and there are no sudden shifts or turns due to dangerous situations.

Overall, using rail transport is one of the safest, and most environmentally-friendly methods of travelling, and people should be encouraged to use this more as it could potentially help protect the environment against certain major situations like global warming.

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