Opening Date for the Elizabeth Line

Did you know that Transport for London has recently confirmed that the Elizabeth line will open on Tuesday 24th May 2022?This will be really beneficial because the Elizabeth line will transform travel across London and the South East by greatly improving transport links, significantly reducing journey times, providing additional capacity, and transforming accessibility with spacious […]

Network rails’ £2 million investment to tackle graffiti on the railway

Network rails’ aim for this investment is to push a heavy focus on removing graffiti throughout the railways in the UK. The 2 million pound funding has been issued across Network Rail’s routes and will rectify the rail’s infrastructure which has been vandalized in hotspot areas. The Network Rail chief executive, Andrew Haines said: “We […]

What career opportunities arise after your Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Technology?

So… you’ve completed your Level 3 Diploma in engineering technology, received your PTS, and you might be thinking to yourself where do I go from here. Well, let’s just say there are a plethora of opportunities for you to explore. However, before we delve into potential job careers after completion of this course, let’s discuss […]

Opportunities in the Rail Industry

Whenever somebody asks us about the opportunities you have when you join the rail industry it brings a smile to our face, this is because we really look forward to seeing your amazed reaction when we explain all of the great things which are  entailed when working on rail…. So let’s get started and let […]

Benefits Of Rail On The Environment

I think it’s safe to say that railway transport is by far one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to travel around the world. Studies show that the greenhouse effect of gas emissions per kilometer on railway transport is 80% less than cars.  Additionally, in some countries, less than 3% of their transport gas emissions comes […]