DWP Networking Event

Last week, George, Sam, and Harry took the opportunity to attend the DWP Knowledge swap networking event in Peterborough where we were able to speak to many people about knowledge surrounding the training courses we have to offer. Let’s see what Harry has to say about how he found the event.

“This networking event was brilliant! It was a great place for different businesses to connect, and build up a great portfolio of contacts which could be very beneficial for future circumstances. Furthermore, the event was full of people who were interested in progressing into a new career. Therefore it was the perfect environment for GNR Training to spread the awareness of the amazing railway courses we have to offer. The event started at 9:00 in the morning and finished at noon, and throughout the day, we engaged with a great portion of both businesses and job seekers who were all interested in what we had to offer. Furthermore, we also set up different activities for everybody to take part in. This was a great idea because it meant that our table was almost always full of people taking part. Some of the activities we set up were a raffle entry where the prize was a bottle of prosecco, and a challenge to name our GNR mannequin. 

This was only my second time attending a networking event, so I was excited to see how the event would play out. This is because the first event I attended in Doncaster was such a welcoming environment, and filled with friendly people. If you want to find out more about this event then feel free to click the link below which takes you to the blog post. Anyway, let’s not digress and swiftly move on to why I thought this networking event was brilliant. The room was a great open space for businesses to set up stalls to advertise their company, this was because it gave everybody the chance to make their stalls inviting to others. Additionally, the people in charge of the event were all really friendly, and more than happy to help out with any questions we had. It’s safe to say that they live up to their standards! 

Overall, this Knowledge swap networking event was the perfect place for businesses to build relationships with other people and businesses, and I’m looking forward to attending their next networking event in the future!”

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