Mission Statement

GNR’s mission is to provide bespoke, tailored, high quality training to empower learners with knowledge that can shape and/or change their lives. We strive to ensure that we go the extra mile for our learners, helping them into employment and advising them throughout their careers, and their lives.

Culture Statement

  • We embrace individuality
  • We figure it out together
  • We look ahead and to the skies
  • We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our learner’s lives
  • We deliver excellent value to our clients
  • We uphold the highest standards in all our actions
  • We value our people, encourage their development and reward good performance

A message from our Chairman, George Tomkins.

GNR is about so much more than unlocking learners’ full potential.

We do this as part of the “bigger picture”. Here at GNR we are learner led and we change lives.

GNR was started because Rae and I knew that caring about the learner and wanting to help them get into the right career for them is more important to us than “bums on seats”. We set up where we felt we can do the best for our local community.

At GNR we care about the rail industry and have long recognised that there is a skills gap within rail. We realise we can’t do the work ourselves (well I can’t) but what we can do is train the next generation of Railway Engineers. The average age of a Network Rail Construction Manager is 55, when they retire who will rise to the challenge and be able to pick up where they left off? Come train with us and it could be you!

The world is changing, and we are moving more and more into a “digital age”. Don’t let this put you off, we can help with your understanding with this. It’s never as daunting as you first think and with GNR’s expert tutors on hand to assist and guide you every step of the way, they will make light work of any digital skills course.

We understand the adversities the Rail industry faces and understand the impact of the future skills shortage and lack of diversity. We and our delivery partners strive to work with organisations determined to overcome these challenges and continue to improve to help us help you.