Railway Courses

GNR training offers a variety of courses available for anyone to learn. Regardless of your current work position, your learning ability, or your current level of knowledge relating to railways. That’s the beauty of our company, we don’t leave anybody behind or make them feel like they can’t join our courses. This is because the multiple courses we have on offer work towards different levels. For example, we have the sector work based academy course (SWAP). We also have the level 3 Diploma in engineering technology. These courses are taught by our railway experts who have spent years in the industry working first hand on railways, so I think it’s safe to say that you’re in good hands. You might be wondering about what all of the courses entail. Well get ready to fall off your chair, because that’s what I’m here to tell you about! So sit back, grab some popcorn if you really want to, and read about the amazing courses we have to offer at GNR training.

So what exactly is a sector work based academy course? This is a course designed to ensure you receive your rail engineering level 2 qualification, and your level 1 and 2 employability qualification. The duration of this course is 4-6 weeks long, and is fully funded. This course mainly targets people who are currently unemployed and are wanting to develop their skills relating to building up their job applications, and how to apply for jobs. If you feel like this course seems interesting, feel free to get in touch via the following link: http://www.gnrtraining.co.uk/apply, and we’ll be sure to help you through the process.

Our Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Technology is also a fully funded course which is seen as the hardest qualification to achieve. The duration of this course is 21 weeks, and it takes place only 1 day every week! With this course you must be committed to work hard in all weather conditions and be fit enough to achieve the standards required. Throughout the duration of this course, you will gain knowledge of railway civil engineering, track engineering, construction and maintenance. The construction and maintenance part of the course is quite an exciting aspect of level 3 course because you will have the opportunity to gain some practical work experience working on real track lines. Whilst learning this course, you will need to take a PTS medical along with a drugs and alcohol test to comply with the Railway Legislations and their zero-tolerance policy. This course also provides you with the opportunity to complete your PTS. Once you have this you will be able to work on or near any line on network rail’s infrastructure. Once you have completed the course you will have the opportunity to go into full time work through our railway experts work contacts.

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