Railway Strikes 2022 (continued)

Britain’s biggest rail strike in decades continues to worsen!

The biggest rail strike continues to worsen as two more major unions have revealed their plans to join in with the strikes, as they have planned for walk outs this summer in a coordinated campaign to hold the country to ransom for more pay. This is due to Boris Johnson vowing that he would not give in to the, “left wing barons”, that are working together to spoil the summer for millions of people in the UK by shutting down the UK’s railways during the strikes in June and July.

Train drivers operating in Hull, Greater Anglia and Croydon Tramlink are to stage walkouts towards the end of this month due to disputes over pay. Britons unions have vowed to bring the country to a standstill in a “summer of discontent”, which hasn’t been seen since the 1926 General Strike.

With 50,000 RMT members striking at the end of this month over job losses, pay freezes and the closure of station ticket offices, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hit back and said, “There are fully-manned ticket offices in this country that barely sell a ticket a week”. , and in response to all of the unions he said that he will `’grasp the nettle”, on transport reforms and told commuters he is “on your side on cutting the costs of transport.”

The strikes have left the people in the UK furious as the strikes will have huge effects on a series of upcoming events this summer for example, Glastonbury Festival, and major football events. National rail have been forced to suspend the sales of advance tickets for the strike days until emergency timetables have been finalised. Therefore many train users have been urged to check their bookings before travelling anywhere in case their bookings have either been cancelled, or altered.

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