Success Stories


“During my time studying with George and Rae my life has changed massively for the better. I first started learning with George and Rae during a very difficult time in my life. I was going through an very challenging break up and was also fighting to be able to have access to see my children at the same time. The patience George and Rachel gave me was nothing short of amazing. I never fell behind, they simply wouldn’t let me. There was a point at around half way through the course I gave thought to giving up and maybe trying again when I had a different outlook on things in regards to my personal issues. I spoke to George and Rachel about this and they gave me the best advice they could give me. It’s safe to say i didn’t quit. The drive and passion from George and Rae is something to be admired. No question is a stupid question, no ask for help is too much. For everything George and Rae have done for me I have nothing but thanks. The truth is both of them gave me the ability to look past what was in front of me and believe that nothing is impossible. They inspired me to work hard at what I was doing and what I wanted next will come. If every teacher/tutor in the country were like George and Rae, there would be alot less failing students.”


“I really enjoyed doing the Diploma Course Level 3 in Engineering & Technology and felt that its been a valuable asset to my CV. I was out of work when i started and feel that this qualification will be a massive help towards finding employment in a career that I will enjoy and progress in. The tutor George was very helpful and supportive at all times and I enjoyed being a student of his and would recommend him for future courses. Overall I am very happy with everything and how the course was run and demonstrated to myself and the class.”


“Before enrolling on the rail engineering course I was in and out of work working for different agencies not really getting anywhere in life, while I was on the course I learnt a lot about the railway and felt very comfortable talking to my tutor about my work and anything I was struggling with, now I have completed the course I have gained quite a few qualifications, I have also managed to get into work on the railway, I am now looking forward to my future with a great career.”


“I started my course with GNR in January 2019. It was the best decision I had made. I am so glad I picked GNR to help me build my career goal. I could not have honestly met any better tutors than George & Rachael, I would now class them more close friends than tutors as they have helped me personally and guided me through my personal/career growth. My course was 20 weeks, and I was incredibly lucky to start PTS straight after I passed my course, this was with help from GNR. Now I am a Transport Planner for Balfour Beatty and have my own section which I look after 10 sites. I had a few opportunities to pick from and George was the first person I would call to guide me and advise me what was best. I have never doubted George’s knowledge or advice. I am so glad I did the course with GNR as it got me where I am today.”


“I started a course a level 3 Diploma in Engineering with George and Rachael, upon my completion I went straight into work, I loved it, and now I am proud to say I work for Network Rail. I am decently paid, and I think back to 18 months ago when I was broke. I owe George and Rachel a lot for their help and support. I may be a 25-year-old man, but you both are fantastic role models for me and others.”