What career opportunities arise after your Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Technology?

So… you’ve completed your Level 3 Diploma in engineering technology, received your PTS, and you might be thinking to yourself where do I go from here. Well, let’s just say there are a plethora of opportunities for you to explore. However, before we delve into potential job careers after completion of this course, let’s discuss why this industry is crying out for railway workers. As you may already know, the need for railway workers is continuously escalating each year due to projects such as HS2, and other major plans. Furthermore, the government has plans to push society towards using railway transport in order to tackle problems relating to decreasing our country’s carbon footprint, so your chances of obtaining a job role in this industry are in your favour. 

Now we have discussed the increasing potential for jobs in the railway industry, let’s talk about a couple of examples of jobs within this industry for people who have obtained their Level 3 Diploma in engineering technology. Firstly, we’ll talk about the rail track maintenance worker. Overall, this job involves installing and renewing tracks, tunnels, embankments, cuttings, and level crossings. Furthermore, you will need to check sections of the track to ensure they are safe to ride on. Additionally, this job involves reporting accidents and incidents which have happened on the track. This job is very physically demanding and you will be required to work outside on railway tracks. The skills required for this job role are the ability to work well with others, being good at paying attention to detail, and some level of IT knowledge to carry out basic tasks on a handheld device. The salary of a rail track technician varies from £16,500 a year to £34,000 due to your experience on the job. Furthermore, the typical hours of this job are 45-47 hours a week. Finally, there are many progression routes through this job role because, with experience, you could be promoted to supervisor or team leader. Furthermore, with training, you could become a track inspector, engineering technician, track designer, or manager.

Additionally, another job route you can explore is a rail engineering technician, this role undergoes activities such as installing, and looking after the mechanical, and electrical systems on trains. Furthermore, this job role consists of following technical plans drawn up by engineers, using handheld power tools, and helping to build new carriages and engines. Furthermore, you will need to complete other activities throughout the day relating to writing reports, and updating maintenance records. The average salary for rail engineering technician jobs varies from £18,000 – £35,000 a year, depending on your level of experience, training, and location.

Additionally, many of our learners who completed their Level 3 Diploma in engineering technologies have secured jobs working for the HS2 projects as logistics planners, and logistic supervisors therefore it’s very safe to say there is a multitude of career avenues you can take after receiving your qualification with us!

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